WrapHaul Mobile Advertising Experience



Our interior advertising campaigns enhance the rider experience.


WrapHaul’s adhesive wraps protect your vehicle and/or semi trailer. Our safe wraps go on and come off by professionals who guarantee their work.


Whether it is an interior marketing campaign or exterior professional wrap, our installation process is quick and easy, on your schedule, with no missed days of work.


We install, maintain, and remove the campaigns from your vehicle or semi trailer, all for free; costing you absolutely nothing.

Safe & Professional

Rest assured that your vehicle will be protected no matter what type of campaign you are matched with. Professional installation of our campaigns is a top priority.


We pay our drivers on a monthly basis with several different payment options making it safe and convenient.

Brands & Agencies

Measure each ride. Unlock insights.

We are not just a wrap company. We are a technology driven advertising company providing effective analytics to our customers in real-time from our drivers, during each trip they complete. Whether it is on our semi trailers moving nationwide or a rideshare driver completing 100 trips per week, we always know where your campaign is located.


WrapHaul will report where your campaign was driven, how many trips were completed as well as provide “in car” advertising product placement campaigns with available surveys. We allow your brand to reach new markets while gaining insight on your consumers thoughts about your product.

Live Tracking

WrapHaul’s technology has the capability to track our drivers in real-time. This allows us to provide our advertising and brand partners with updates on campaign locations and re-route drivers into high traffic locations. With real time visibility on our powerful moving marketing campaigns, WrapHaul creates captured specific routing targeting new consumers while creating an ROI for our brand and agency partners.


WrapHaul understands your brand means everything to your organization. We invest heavily to ensure our brand and agency partners know where their moving billboards are located in real time, anytime.

Track every trip your brand takes in real time.

Geofence alerting allows us to notify brands when a driver enters or departs certain places.

Weekly or monthly reporting provided so you can view every trip taken, view the time of day your billboard was active, start and end addresses along with total distances driven per driver.

Ability to pinpoint travel patterns and optimize driver routes to improve impressions.

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